Ella Rosewood Dance
Choreography, performance, and education based in Brooklyn, NY.
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Ella's Choreography



just be yourselves (2015) - short film

ms. (2016) - solo

billing (2014) - solo

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there are no rights to this (2012) - solo


standard (2011) - septet

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unaccompanied lark (2011) - solo

shadows of incandescence (2010) - solo


 panopticon (2010) - solo

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enlighten (2010) - trio/quartet

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paired pod (2009) - duet

for m (2009) - solo


political piece (2009) - quintet

equator (2008) - quartet


My dances reflect my own worldview, primarily concentrated on the subjects of aesthetics and vulnerability.  Because I believe that every dance should be a smaller and harmonious version of something much larger, the creative process varies for each piece. The end product is often dissonant, and I’ve found that this provokes thought in my audiences. I make dances to get people thinking, feeling and sensing in hopes for a better understanding of the world we live in.  I am successful when viewers are magnetized by the performance and leave contemplative, motivated and stimulated.  Apathy is failure.

In the beginning stages of my process I investigate my ideas through improvisation and conceptual structures.  I generate movement material and get new ideas along the way.  From that abundance of material, I cut about 90% and am left with a more stripped-down and succinct version of my concept, the fundamental backbone. Crafting, transformation and manipulation of the remaining 10% creates a product reflective of the true nature of the particular ideas and feelings I wish to channel.  

-Ella Rosewood