Ella Rosewood Dance
Choreography, performance, and education based in Brooklyn, NY.

Never Sign A Letter Mrs.

Never Sign A Letter Mrs. (1939)
Choreographed by Hortense Lieberthal Zera


Image of Ella Rosewood in "Never Sign A Letter Mrs." (1939) choreographed by Hortense Lieberthal Zera.


Never Sign a Letter Mrs. (1939)
Choreographed by Hortense Lieberthal Zera
Staged by Elizabeth McPherson by permission of Barbara Abramson and Helene Zera
Danced by Ella Rosewood
Text from Etiquette by Emily Post
Costume construction by Cheryl Lovett

Hortense Lieberthal Zera (1916-2014) graduated from New York University in 1936 with a degree in Health and Physical Education, having focused her studies in Dance under the direction of Martha Hill. She assisted Hill and Bessie Schönberg at the Bennington School of the Dance from 1937 to 1941, and conducted her own classes in 1942. Zera was a faculty member at The New Dance Group, and taught dance, sports, and health education in the New York City public high schools until retirement. She was a founding board member of The Martha Hill Dance Fund and an avid painter and sculptor.